How to setup your own package repo

Patch for FreeBSD 6.2 fstat(1) to support unionfs

Patch for perl to support HTTP PUT

Patch for trn-3.6 to support IPv6

small patch to answer SMTP AUTH NTLM (SPA) with 501 cancelled instead of 535 auth failed

small script to partly decode NTLM string of a SMTP AUTH NTLM (SPA) request

A exim/dovecot2/webapp to administrate email accounts and virtual domains

print IPsec PSKs from Teldat Router config files

Dump the contents of an Astaro Backupfile in somewhat readable form

A very rudimentary exigrep like tool for postfix

quagga bgpd nagios check

Patches for strace to work on freebsd-amd64

perl-script to calculate correct AVM FritzBox Config File Check sums former version: David Tonhofer on